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I got an offer by mail mi 20,000 mah for 499. but that is not trusted website. 2nd-day same product for 999 this COD available.

on Dhgate website 10,00,000 mah battery for $15 china products via china mail to India. maybe custom tax applicable.

I bought 5000 mah Lenovo power bank at 1100 few months ago by displaying 50% offer. my friend bought 13,000mah honor power bank at price 1000 only.

recently I got a gift from reliance store 2600 mah power bank.  now I am planning to buy 50,000 mah power bank or 1,00,000 mah power bank.

quick Checklist:

  • Power bank at least  10,000 mah & above (ex: our battery capacity 3,000 mah so we can charge 3 times with 10k mah power bank)
  • Input & output Power must be 2A if 1A then charging very slowly if 2A output then charges quickly. our android phones support up to 2A input power.

What is milliampere-hour (mAh)?

thousandth of the ampere-hour. more mah means more holding power of the battery.

20A*200volts=2400watts 2400/1000 2.4/kilowat.



Get A Glance To Verify With The Good Battery Pack

There are some tips to follow while buying battery packs. Most of the people carry the external battery pack. There are some tips on how to choose the one with the best battery.

  • Capacity:

The capacity of device battery is measured in Mah. Due to power loss because of voltage conversion, the quality of the charging cable should be noted.  It should be checked to recharge a device multiple times over.  It is one of the Power banks buying guide offers to simplify the task of choosing the power pack. It usually means bigger, heavier and pricier.

  • Input Current:

Most smartphone-oriented battery packs output 1 A. While this works for most of the people, some will notify that their smartphone will take longer time to recharge as compared to when a wall charger is used. This is true if the phone is able to accept a higher current. Most of the recent Android smartphones have 1.5 A as charging interface and those which support quick charge 2.0 standard will draw as much as 2 A. Most of the tablets require at least 1A to charge too with some drawing up to 2.5A. Take the Apple IPad for example, it comes with 12W USB wall adapter which provides 2.4 A. If you were plug to IPad Air to a battery pack 1A USN port, it will not either charge or charge slowly. If you are expecting to charge a tablet, you should buy a battery pack which is capable of outputting higher than 1A. There will be no harm when using a higher powered port on a smartphone  as the device will only draw when it is required. It will even take charge fast and deliver more.

Another Alternative Ways:

  • Battery Pack’s Input Current:

It is very easy to persuade yourself to buy a large capacity battery pack. One may tend to forget that the higher capacity, longer it takes to recharge. It is also one of the Power banks buying guide offers to specify which power battery is good. Most battery packs accept between 0.8 A and 1.5 A.

  • Number Of Ports:

Many recent battery packs come with a built-in the cable that wraps around so you no need to worry about leaving the USB cable at home. To cater to IOS users, some of them will come with a built-in a lightning cable as an alternative option. This lightning connector compatible battery packs tend to cost more than their USB counterparts because of the MFi licensing and certification program fees.

  • Quality:

Batteries will explode and we can prevent this by buying from reputable vendors.


Beware of Fake Power banks

MI 20800 mah power bank review

Mi 20800Mah is Fake Powerbank because Xiaomi not manufactured any power bank more than 10000mah.

Mi 20800 mah fake powerbank

Pwer banks buying guide sony 10000 mah fake

I bought yesterday from but easily discharging its power in couple minutes.

i bought it 399 INR, but today they are offering  two for 599.

Sony 10000 mah cycle energy also has a fake product sold tourist and i bought it for 300INR.