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Home theaters & Multimedia speakers buying guide

Quick checklist:

  1. Bluetooth must wifi must for home theater.
  2. Sound out must be above 1000W RMS for Home theater system.
  3. 100W RMS best 5.1 /4.1 /2.1 multimedia speakers. make sure to check each speaker & subwoofer output. & wattage power consumption.
  4. weight, height, Display, design led display etc.
  5. Don’t trust PMPO maximum sound, only trust on RMS in watts.


  • peak music power output PMPO
  • 4Watss PMPO will be 200watts PMPO
  • 100W RMS will be 4000PMPO
  • 100W RMS perfect for 400SQFT rooms
  • PMPO & RMS
  • 40 Watts RMS for the Sub Woofer and about 20 Watts RMS per channel is good.
  • example: 5.1 speakers /home theater
  • Subwoofer 40W+20*5=140W
  • mine: total 102W RMS 5.1 Speakers with the price of 5,500/-
  • 10W for each speaker +50 per woofer
  • Mitashi 5.1 Speaker RMS will be
  • 7000PMPO
  • woofer 35+12w*5=95,
  • 1000W PMPO will be 707 (1000*0.707),
  • wattage is (maximum consumption of power by the appliance in an hour),
  • wattage & PMPO may be same.
  • Audio Wattage 28 Watts.
  • RMS Root means square of AC voltage.
  • DB decibels to measure accurate  sound .
  • Features: BT means Bluetooth.
panasonics 10000w home theatre

Panasonic 10000w home theater

When it comes to entertainment in your home, the home theater and other audio sound system act the main role. You can expand your media experiences and make your lifestyle enrich by using high quality and high-performance audio system in your home. Now, all people need entertainment in their home, they will not go outside for entertainment. For those people home theater is the best choice. There are many reasons why most of the people like to buy the home theater and other multimedia speaker systems. The first most reason is for entertainment purpose. Today, without entertainment full life will be very boring. By using the home theater you will not go outside for watching movies, make you home theater by using the highly quality home theater. With home theater, you can see the movie and songs with perfect picture quality and excellent sound effects. The multimedia speakers are specially used to hear songs with you required sound effects.  If you are at the movie, the brilliant visuals, element of a giant screen and sound come together to deliver an excellent viewing experience. You can get this experience in your living room, and then you want to buy the right home theater. Even the multimedia speakers provide surround sound capability.LG 2.1 speakers

If you like to buy the home theater and multimedia speakers for home, then you want to consider some factors about the product and its quality. First of all, you want to choose the right place for buying the home theater and speaker system. At online you can easily find the right shop, they provide an excellent services and quality product for customers. After decide to buy home theater you want to check the type of the display and its sound frequency. Apart from that, you want to check the guarantee of the product and its features. The product comes with different type of display such as LED, LCD, OLED and much more. In addition to, you want to look the screen size ranging from 21 inches to 55 inches. You can choose your required size of the display. However, you want to consider the brand of the product. There are different brands are available; you can choose the top branded product for high performance. There are different models are available with the feature of Wi-Fi connectivity. Before going to buy the sound systems you can get some professional guidelines. It will help to buy the sound systems easily.

Some best offers by discount on 5.1 Speakers

  1. Intex X series 5.1 31999 instead of 3999
    it-5060 Suf
  2. Intex 5.1 2999 instead of 4000.
  3. It600b SUF
  4. Philips MMS4040F 2.1
    4000w 2999
    Reconnect remsb5103
  5. Zebronics bt4440 rucf4. 1