Bike battery Buying guide

How to choose the right and best battery for your bike

Nowadays, there are so many reasons for selecting bike batteries. It includes, you may need to cut down on an auto use, and then that time you can save your money. You may be cycling to work, however, it will like to arrive fresher as well as less tired. You will already be cycling some long distance but you can like to extend your range as well as many others. There are so many reasons to select bike batteries for your vehicle. These kinds of batteries are available in the Car Company as well as industries also.  When seeking for a bike battery, you want a battery suits as well as fits your bike. It will come with the long-lasting periods.  You need your bike to start correctly   as well as run smoothly when you are out on the road. But, you can consider those several things include internet access, old battery as well as transportation. So, if you want to buy a new bike battery then you can aware first Bike batteries which one to buy from the online that is fits for your bike. This article tells about some tips for buying a new bike battery.

 Tips for buying a new battery:

Here some basic things to buy a new bike battery from the car company as well as online store.  These things are helping to get Bike batteries which one to buy in the best as well as perfect in the bike. They are listed as given below.

  • First of all, make sure that your current battery, your auto electrical can have an issue.
  • You can refer battery group size suggested by your producer in the auto manual. It will best fit as well as dimensions of your auto.
  • Before, you are fitting a new battery; you can check the system of your auto.
  • Then, you can check the voltage which can be more than several volts in the battery terminal
  • Finally, you can check the alternator charging voltage that can be having several volts in the battery terminal.

So, these things are the very important thing of bike batteries which will help to choose a new battery for your bike. You will get also run smoothly as well as quickly for your bike. These above things are considered before you can buy a new bike battery.


ideal Tyre pressure

honda aviator tyre air pressure Front 21 and rear 36 PSI.

tyre pressure for Honda Activa 21 front and 32 Rear.

Generally, we see the Tyre specs On On the side of tyre.

Tyre SIZE explanation for bike

For Scooter

Ex: 90/100 12  or 90/100 10 for aviator Honda other vehicles.

For Motorcycles like FZ, Fazer, Duke

120/10090/ R15

140/100/ R

140 /90 R17 50 H

Tyre_Size_guide best one
185 = Nominal section width in Millimeters (Groud base)
70 = Aspect ratio as percent (aspect ratiot = height/ width)
R = Radial construction (type of RIM)
17 = Rim (SIZE)  in inches Not in CM (1inc =2.54 CM) 17 inches 43.18CM.
88 = Load index of the tyre
H = Speed rating of the tyre

If you want to upgrade tyre Size then Go Higher width with same RIM Size.

Some Tyre Companies indicate tyre specs In Centimeters.

Ex: I just replaced 90/100/ 10 Honda Aviator Rear MRF tyre with 3.50-10 CEAT Tyre

Ground base Is 90 mm same as old RIM SIZE also Same. The specs written in Inches and there in mm.

90/100 10 = 3.50 -10


3.5 Inches =89mm

Note: All tube type Tyres come with Tubes.

FZ Rear Tyre Size : 140/60 R17 Tyre(Tubeless)  Price range between 2,500-3,000 INR.(MRF Tyre available at snap deal for 2,999 tubeless)

tyre pressure for yamaha fzs: 33-36 for rear Tyre and Front 28 PSI.


Fazer Rear Tyre Size: 140/60 R17 Tyre(Tubeless).

Yamaha R15 v2.0 Rear Tyre Size: 130/70 R17

Royal enfiled Rear Tyre Size: 110/90/ R18

KTm Duke 200 Rear Tyre Size: 150/60 R17.

Duke 390 Rear Tyre size: 150/60 R17

KTM Duke 200 & 390 and KTM RC 200 & 390 Rear Tyres are same.

Front tyre size of KTM Duke 200 & 390 110/70

Metzeler vs MRF: Duke 390 tyres comes with Metzeler which cost higher than MRF we discuss later.

Best tyres for KTM Duke bikes

  1. Michelin
  2. Pirelli
  3. CEAT
  4. MRF

Buy rear tyre for KTM Duke 200 from MRF 

The Lifetime of a Tyre for bike approximately: 15,000 KM for rear Tyre and 20,000 Km for Front tyre.

Car tyres can be replaced every 5-6 years based on usage.

When will we change tyres?

  1. Losing grip at side.,
  2. Tread patterns,
  3. damage of the tyre,
  4. Skipping on edges while riding (dangerous symptom).

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