best online shopping websites in India


Why you should know about the best online shopping at India

Nowadays, the online shopping has become a very popular trend in India. This is because the online shopping allows them comfort zone to getting all kinds of products   as well as services also.   Most of the people are prefer this online shopping that means someone enjoying the convenience of having their order shipped with perfect to your doorstep. They provide you some offers as well as discounts based on your products.  Currently, most of the people are confused in choose of reliable as well as the trustworthy portal. This is because nowadays there is having a wide collection of online websites in this modern era. Several numbers of people prefer buying everything gets from the clothes as well as groceries from the online. So, if you are interested in making online purchases before you can know about the best sources as well as deals. Here you will a find some useful info about Best online shopping websites Review India as well as, some best sites reviews also are listed as given below

 List of top 5 online shopping websites:

There are elaborated some information, sources and deals   as well as benefits of   the online shopping websites in India.

 Flipkart: it is one of the most leading online shopping sites which have to come first hands down. In this worldwide is in only dependent on this site as it is close all their shopping needs.  It sells everything from using the gift vouchers to electronics to house appliances also. It is the perfect place to get all kinds of electronics as well as kitchen appliances.

Amazon: it is an ideal place to buy the products as well as goods from these online shopping sites. It has an equally huge number of products on this site.  Most of the people are prefer in this shopping only because it is having the best deals as well a quality also good.

Snapdeal:  it is a fully Indian site as well as it is often preferred by the huge masses for its quality as well as reasonably prices. It is the perfect platforms to buy everything like products as well as services.

Shopcules:  it is most best online stores which offer a wide selection of cameras, computer products as well as toys, clothing along with many others.

So, these are some of the perfect as well as Best online shopping websites Review India from the online. So, you want to make the purchases before you can consider those above factors as it is very useful for buying the products.


Mobile chargers buying Guide


How to buy an ideal and cheap mobile charge through the online

Nowadays, most of the individuals would like to use the mobile phones because it will help to easy communicate with others as well as any problems then easily to communicate with the use of mobile from your relatives as well as friends.   In general, can you think about a life without mobile phones? If it is not possible, because the mobile is essential without do not run in this era.  but, mobile is vital as well as battery also equally essential because battery gets drained out for traveling as well as inpatient you will tend to be  in such emergency situations. So, a perfect mobile charger is a necessary part of your mobile phone which will help to recharge your battery at anytime as well as anywhere. Here some of the tips as well as advice for Mobile chargers buying guide that will help to get the perfect charger on your mobile.

Quality and low cost:

When you are made to purchases the mobile charges before you can consider those things that are included as given below.

  • It should be lightweight as well as not heavier so which you can easily to carry it any places.
  • It is perfectly cover all kinds of batteries. It is an aspect if it is a most compatible to different brands.
  • This charger is used only a small of amounts of power. It is very safe for you to use as well as it will protect you from the short circuit.
  • It gives you some faster performance as well as larger backup hours of charges in mobile.

 Get the perfect one from the online:

Mostly, all of us use battery charges which come with several mobile phones. Recently, there are so many charges have come on this market which is very compatible with a number of brands.  So, these are the tips as well as factors for getting an ideal Mobile charger buying the guide from the online.  These kinds of charger are having different sizes as well as shapes. You will a find perfect shapes as well as the quality charger from your mobiles. It is the comfort zone to get the perfect charger for your mobile. So, you need to buy charger before you can prefer those above things then you can get the perfect one from the online at afford prices.

Bike battery Buying guide


How to choose the right and best battery for your bike

Nowadays, there are so many reasons for selecting bike batteries. It includes, you may need to cut down on an auto use, and then that time you can save your money. You may be cycling to work, however, it will like to arrive fresher as well as less tired. You will already be cycling some long distance but you can like to extend your range as well as many others. There are so many reasons to select bike batteries for your vehicle. These kinds of batteries are available in the Car Company as well as industries also.  When seeking for a bike battery, you want a battery suits as well as fits your bike. It will come with the long-lasting periods.  You need your bike to start correctly   as well as run smoothly when you are out on the road. But, you can consider those several things include internet access, old battery as well as transportation. So, if you want to buy a new bike battery then you can aware first Bike batteries which one to buy from the online that is fits for your bike. This article tells about some tips for buying a new bike battery.

 Tips for buying a new battery:

Here some basic things to buy a new bike battery from the car company as well as online store.  These things are helping to get Bike batteries which one to buy in the best as well as perfect in the bike. They are listed as given below.

  • First of all, make sure that your current battery, your auto electrical can have an issue.
  • You can refer battery group size suggested by your producer in the auto manual. It will best fit as well as dimensions of your auto.
  • Before, you are fitting a new battery; you can check the system of your auto.
  • Then, you can check the voltage which can be more than several volts in the battery terminal
  • Finally, you can check the alternator charging voltage that can be having several volts in the battery terminal.

So, these things are the very important thing of bike batteries which will help to choose a new battery for your bike. You will get also run smoothly as well as quickly for your bike. These above things are considered before you can buy a new bike battery.


ideal Tyre pressure

honda aviator tyre air pressure Front 21 and rear 36 PSI.

tyre pressure for Honda Activa 21 front and 32 Rear.

Generally, we see the Tyre specs On On the side of tyre.

Tyre SIZE explanation for bike

For Scooter

Ex: 90/100 12  or 90/100 10 for aviator Honda other vehicles.

For Motorcycles like FZ, Fazer, Duke

120/10090/ R15

140/100/ R

140 /90 R17 50 H

Tyre_Size_guide best one
185 = Nominal section width in Millimeters (Groud base)
70 = Aspect ratio as percent (aspect ratiot = height/ width)
R = Radial construction (type of RIM)
17 = Rim (SIZE)  in inches Not in CM (1inc =2.54 CM) 17 inches 43.18CM.
88 = Load index of the tyre
H = Speed rating of the tyre

If you want to upgrade tyre Size then Go Higher width with same RIM Size.

Some Tyre Companies indicate tyre specs In Centimeters.

Ex: I just replaced 90/100/ 10 Honda Aviator Rear MRF tyre with 3.50-10 CEAT Tyre

Ground base Is 90 mm same as old RIM SIZE also Same. The specs written in Inches and there in mm.

90/100 10 = 3.50 -10


3.5 Inches =89mm

Note: All tube type Tyres come with Tubes.

FZ Rear Tyre Size : 140/60 R17 Tyre(Tubeless)  Price range between 2,500-3,000 INR.(MRF Tyre available at snap deal for 2,999 tubeless)

tyre pressure for yamaha fzs: 33-36 for rear Tyre and Front 28 PSI.


Fazer Rear Tyre Size: 140/60 R17 Tyre(Tubeless).

Yamaha R15 v2.0 Rear Tyre Size: 130/70 R17

Royal enfiled Rear Tyre Size: 110/90/ R18

KTm Duke 200 Rear Tyre Size: 150/60 R17.

Duke 390 Rear Tyre size: 150/60 R17

KTM Duke 200 & 390 and KTM RC 200 & 390 Rear Tyres are same.

Front tyre size of KTM Duke 200 & 390 110/70

Metzeler vs MRF: Duke 390 tyres comes with Metzeler which cost higher than MRF we discuss later.

Best tyres for KTM Duke bikes

  1. Michelin
  2. Pirelli
  3. CEAT
  4. MRF

Buy rear tyre for KTM Duke 200 from MRF 

The Lifetime of a Tyre for bike approximately: 15,000 KM for rear Tyre and 20,000 Km for Front tyre.

Car tyres can be replaced every 5-6 years based on usage.

When will we change tyres?

  1. Losing grip at side.,
  2. Tread patterns,
  3. damage of the tyre,
  4. Skipping on edges while riding (dangerous symptom).

Car battery buying guide


Simple Tips For Buying A Top Quality Car Battery

Without the battery, the car will not start. It plays an important role in car performance that helps to work vehicle properly.  It also helps power you car’s engine and also provide a charge for all electronic and electrical accessories. The battery in your car is very old are get damaged, and then you want to buy a new battery for your car. When you are buying a battery then you want to consider the size, reserve capacity, cold-cranking amps, and battery freshness. People those who confusing how to buy a new battery; they want to access the buying guide for a car battery. There are some of the key factors people should consider. The following is the buying guide for a car battery that is highly helpful.

Choose the right battery for your car:

  • Different types and styles can place varying demands on the battery. It is important to determine whether a convenient starting battery will meet the vehicle’s needs.
  • You want to consider the battery size that will best fit the dimensions, type required for your car and terminal locations. The size is typically varying depending on the type of car and engine type. Some kinds of the vehicles may accommodate a battery from different sizes. Make sure the new car battery will fit and held down perfectly according to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Replacing battery with lower quality battery may result in poor performance and cause some kind of problems. For these reasons, you want to choose the premium quality battery. The buying guide for a car battery is useful for people those who like to buy a new battery for their car. Make sure the battery will fit with the correct clearance under the hood.
  • Cold cranking amps is a rating used to define an ability of the battery to start an engine in cold temperature. It is easier to start an engine in a warm environment. Apart from that, the rating also refers to the number of amps. The higher cold cranking rating is the greater starting power of the battery. So you want to check the rating before buying a battery.
  • Reserve capacity is a general indicator of battery how long that can continue to operate essential accessories. Apart from that, it also identifies minutes of the battery can deliver a constant current without failing.
  • Look for a hassle free warranty that gives assurance for people on the quality of the battery. This is the important one you want to consider if you buy a new battery.

Top Car battery brands

Exide, Amaraon, AMCO, and other etc

which is Best Liquid or Dry battery ?

In My experience Dry battery, No need to maintain once in 2-3 months like the liquid battery.

UPS Buying Guide


How to buy a perfect UPS from the online for your budget

UPS stands for the uninterruptible power source which is an electrical component which offers emergency power to a load when the input power source. Basically, it is a device which is used for an emergency purpose. When selecting a perfect UPS to make sure that you are offering your devices with the several amounts of power as well as an essential amount of backup in a blackout. You should understand several amounts of loads will expect to support. So, it comes with the very useful in this globe.  It is used for mainly for a computer as well as laptop devices. So, if you want to UPS and then you can before click on your computer  and then you can type on this ups buying guide, then you can carefully read those instructions then only  you can easily as well as freely to get a perfect  as well as quality  UPS  for your home. In general, it is commonly used for many places, such as homes, colleges, schools as well as IT companies as well as many others places.

  Things to consider:

When you are buying the UPS before you have considered that instruction, you can find out a best as well as quality UPS will suit your needs. At ups buying guide given as below and it comes with the very useful for you.  These steps are elaborated as given below. It includes

  • Firstly, you can clear about all things of this UPS and then you can use your internet and you can select in it.
  • You can utilize to search to enter some information as well as specifications which match from your system.
  • Then, you can add up the needed power needs for each of the device to come up with the total power load want.
  • You can measure several amounts of time which you will want the device to supply the power.
  • This will make sure that the device will have a right voltage required to compile of the device in your place.
  • Finally, you will get a best as well as quality UPS along with those devices perfectly to suits for your needs as well as requires.

So, if you are interested in buying this product then you can have to consider those things then only you can get a perfect one. These are very useful devices for your needs as well as requirements.



headphones buying guide


Simple And Useful Guidelines For Buying Headphones

Headphones are very important in the daily lives. It is specially used to listen to audio through this you don’t disturb anyone. If you are working with audio in a very noisy place you can use the high-quality headphones to work with the audio and not get disturbed by surroundings. The top quality headphones are having the noise reduction features that allow people to hear the music without disturbing others.  Even the headphones are also used to talk with someone through your mobile device with connection headphones.  If you like to buy a new and top quality headphone, then you want to consider the factors and the features of the headphone before buying it. There are many ways are available to buy headphones, but you want to choose the right way.  The headphones were designed to provide amazing sound effects to millions of people.  Now, buying quality headphones it, not the easiest process, when you access the headphone buying guide it is possible for you.

Guidelines for buying quality headphones:

The following guidelines are useful for those who like to buy headphones.

  • Comfort is the most important thing you want to consider when you choosing headphones because using headphone will give a fine feel.
  • There are different types of headphones are available with different feature, so you want to consider the types of the headphones and then choose the comfortable and the best one. a headphone that rests on your ear, so you want to choose the smaller size of the headphone and the leather or fabric padding can soften the pressure.  The headphone buying guide will helpful for people to choose the right headphone.
  • Once you decide to buy the headphones then you want to consider the portable. The portable features help to use it on any device such as laptop computer and much more.
  • You want to give first preference for quality of the product at the time of buying a product. You want to check the quality of the product before ordering it.
  • Be sure the cable is long enough for any kind of situation. A better quality of the headphones will likely have a shielded cable which also minimizes noise.
  • Another important consideration is single sided and doubles sided cables. From these cables, you want to choose your comfortable one.
  • Now, many advanced featuring headphones are available, so you want to choose the advanced headphones and then listen to your favorite music without any hassle.

Dual side earphones, bluetooth head phones, Head Phone brands and other details update soon here.